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AUC website survey

In March 2018, the Alberta Utilities Commission launched its new website. The objective was to direct you, our audience, to the information you are seeking in a more efficient manner. We set out to provide you with clear and concise information and highlight important announcements. Thinking about the website prior to the launch of this current website, we would like to find out if we have accomplished our goals and to see which areas of the website require improvements.

Please note that this survey is not seeking feedback on the eFiling System. At this time we are only interested in feedback and comments about the website found at Thank you in advance for your understanding and for taking a few minutes to complete this survey. Your comments and feedback are appreciated.  
1. How often do you visit the AUC website?
2. What information are you looking for on the AUC's website? Select all that apply.
3. Did you find the information you were looking for?
4. If you were able to find the information, how much time did it take for you to find it?
5. Based on your experience, how would you rate the quality of this website?
6. The AUC's website layout, design and information was based on user feedback. Overall, do you feel that the website has improved since its launch in March 2018?
10. Please tell us about yourself (optional).