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Adopt an Animal

Adopt an Animal and support The Farm
Give this unique gift to friends, family, or adopt an animal yourself!

Your adopted animal remains at The Farm, of course, where it is cared for by our staff. Your contribution helps provide for the animal's care and feeding during its life at The Farm. 

As part of your adoption, you receive an Adopt an Animal poster and certificate, and your name displayed at The Farm. Posters and certificates will be available at the Santa at The Farm event in December. 

Adopt before December, and you and your family (up to four people) can attend our special Santa on The Farm event. If an adoptive parent wants to bring more than the four allotted guests, additional reservations are available for $5 each. More information regarding this invite-only event is available in the fall. 

Fill out this form, to adopt an animal today. A representative from The Farm will be in touch with you upon completion.