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Keshif Contractor Application

Keshif Contractor Application

About Keshif

We are a rising data-tech startup based in the Washington D.C. area. Our flagship product, ​​Keshif, is an intuitive online platform built for rapid data visualizations, analytics, and discovery. Our passion is to democratize access to data exploration and analysis for all skill levels. Our platform and solutions have been used by numerous organizations including UNICEF, World Bank, UNDP, U.S. Department of State, FHI 360, Creative Associates, Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and IREX.

About the contracting positions

We are extending our consultant network for project or product specific developments. Experience in one/more of the following domains is required:

Data: visualization, wrangling, analytics, surveys
Design: UI/X, graphic design, video editing & production
Programming: web development, JS (ES6), CSS3, D3 v5, NodeJS, Python, GIS Tools
Communications: digital marketing, content curation, blogging & social media engagement

We contract consultants on internal or client projects on a per-need basis. Most of our contracting roles can be executed remotely, with occasional travel requirements to client sites for project management support. The Keshif Team will provide a clear scope for each engagement, offer training as needed. In all roles, we are looking for a strong command of English. Compensation will be commensurate with experience and project requirements.
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