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Sample SAQ Survey for End-Users - Requirement 8


Vortx Portal for 

PCI - CAP (Compliance Assistance Program)


[EXPERIMENTAL PLATFORM - Try before you Buy] 

Call us for more information: 541.201.9965 x307

1. In order to show you how the Vortx PCI Compliance Assistance Program works, we have isolated just some of the questions to demonstrate the questionnaire system to you.

Because the team at Vortx understands AspDotNetStorefront and understands the world of hosting and networks, we can be of particular value in helping you to understand and complete the questionnaire. 

In the full questionnaire, which covers over 350 questions, you don't have to look at every one - we happily hide all the questions we can check off for you. They can be 'unhidden' and, regardless, they'll appear in the PDF that we'll mail to you once you're complete.

Please notice that once you start the questionnaire, a SAVE FOR LATER option will arrive at the top of the page.

First, let's find out some things about you, so that we can fill in check boxes wherever possible for you.

Where do you host your storefront?
This question requires a valid email address.
3. What version of AspDotNetStorefront are you currently using? *This question is required.
Here's how to find out which version of AspDotNetStorefront you're using ...

Call us ! 541.201.9965 x 307

Or ...
Login to the admin console of your storefront. 

On really, really old versions the dashboard page has a blue left hand menu, near the bottom of which you will find this section:


You only need to know that this is 'an earlier version'.


If there is no blue menu on the left, then you'll need to navigate to HELP>ABOUT  in your admin console.

Or ... why not call us and we'll help you. 541.201.9965 x 307