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THRU Project Advisor Application


Each year, approximately 1,500 foster youth in Texas leave the state’s care, many without a permanent home or positive role model to provide them with support in their first years of adulthood. They have likely been in foster care most of their lives and will leave it without the ability to live independently. More important, they leave without an adult to help guide them during the most critical time in their lives.

There are resources available to former foster youth that will pay for higher education and job training, provide resources to low-income housing, assist with employment opportunities and emergency needs, but too few former foster youth access these resources. Volunteer Mentors agree to meet with their youth in person at least once per month and augment those visits with a minimum of two phone calls, texts or emails per month. Mentors will focus on becoming a trusted role model to the youth and assist them in accessing the programs and resources available to former foster youth.

The mission of THRU Project is to provide youth aging out of foster care at least one caring adult to be that connection between the youth and the services they so desperately need and to help them achieve a life of independence.

Becoming a THRU Project Mentor means telling a former foster youth they are not alone anymore.

THANK YOU for opening your heart today!

THRU Project

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