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THRU Project Youth Application


We are only servicing these areas at this time; Bulverde, Boerne, New Braunfels, San Antonio, & Converse Texas.



WELCOME to the THRU Project! 


We want to make sure that you understand and are comfortable with the expectations of having a Mentor from the THRU Project 


MENTORS ARE: Positive role models, friends, sympathizers, advisors, self-esteem builders, sounding boards, and advocates. 


  • The primary role of your Mentor is to be a dependable, consistent friend and to empower you to make positive decisions. Your Mentor will work with you and THRU Project staff to ensure you gain access to all of the benefits and resources for which you are eligible. Mentors are friends but will be focused on your priorities employment, training, education and housing. 


  • Although you are encouraged to spend free time with your Mentor to get to know each other better, please remember your Mentor is not able to purchase items for you, fund even emergency needs, drive you to appointments, etc. What they will do is work with you and THRU Project staff to find solutions for your living needs. 


  • The relationship with your mentor is an important one. As with any new relationship it takes time to build trust. Regular contact by phone, email, social networking, or text messages will help you to build a stronger relationship. 


  • The THRU Project is asking for a commitment of one year to working with an Advisor. We believe you will find the relationship to be very beneficial as you will be certain of a trusted, consistent presence in your life as you make plans to live independently. Once you are living independently, we ask that you return to the THRU Project either as a Mentor or simply to tell of your experience in working with a Mentor so that we may improve our program. 


If you have any concerns regarding the relationship with your Mentor or have any questions, please contact Alyssa Bafidis at THRU Project 210-852-0552 or email her at  You are part of a community of support; there are people and resources available to help you succeed.


Reasons for Dismissal of Program:  

1. Failure to complete the Youth Information Update Survey

Every youth participating with THRU Project must complete the Youth Information Update survey sent via text and email quarterly. Youth are responsible for making sure THRU Project staff has their most updated contact information. If your phone number or email changes please notify us at 210

2. No communication with THRU Project staff or mentor

If a THRU Project mentor reports to the staff that their mentee is unresponsive, the youth will be contacted over phone or email. After three failed attempts, the youth will be released from the program.

3. Inappropriate behavior 

The THRU Project will not tolerate any youth being disrespectful, physically inappropriate, violent, using vulgar language, being manipulative, making threats, or breaking any boundaries set by staff and mentors. 

THRU Project reserves the right to edit reasons for dismissal as it sees fit.

If you agree to the terms above, please sign below. 


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