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Coordinators Network Survey

1. Are you currently a Community School Coordinator/Director/Resource Manager? This is defined as an on-site coordinator who facilitates alignment of school, family and community resources.
2. Coordinator Contact Information
2. Contact Information
Because you are not currently a Community School Coordinator, you no longer qualify to remain in the Community School Coordinators Network. We want to ensure that the Network is a safe space for Coordinators to discuss the challenges they're facing with others in similar roles. However, please continue to answer the following questions so we can plug you into other Coalition Networks as applicable and find ways to stay connected. 

We do encourage you to share the Network with your fellow Coordinators who may not be part of the Network already. They can join the Network here
2. Were you a Community School Coordinator in a previous role?
2. What is your current leadership role?
As a business or foundation leader, you may be eligible to join our Community Schools Funders Network. This network provides an opportunity for national, state, and local foundations to foster shared learning and action to support the expansion and increase impact of community schools. This peer-learning network will serve as a forum for shared learning by discussing common challenges and issues, while connecting funders in areas of synergy where there are opportunities for partnerships and aligned support.

If your are one of the following types of grantmakers, please contact Jose Munoz to join the Funders Network: foundations (community, corporate, family, independent and operating); corporations with giving programs; and philanthropic advisers.
As a family engagement leader, we invite you to join the Institute for Educational Leadership's Family and Community Engagement Network, designed to connect those working on various aspects of family and community engagement across the country and is open to those interested in learning and sharing best practices. You can join the FCE Network here

If you are leading family and community engagement efforts on the district level, you may be eligible to join the District Leaders Network--a peer learning and action network for individuals responsible for coordinating their district’s efforts and are working together to move family and community engagement from ‘Nice to Necessary’. Join the District Leaders Network here

For questions on either the FCE Network or the District Leaders Network, please email
As a Community School Initiative Leader, you may be eligible to join our Community Schools Leadership Network (CSLN)--an active network of Community School Initiative leaders that provides a home for professional learning and the innovative and courageous advancement of the field. If you are interested in joining the CSLN, please view the eligibility requirements and complete this online form to submit your application. If you have any questions, please contact Bernice Massiwer.
As a Higher Education Leader, you may be eligible to join the University Assisted Community Schools Network which aims to build a professional learning community among higher education leaders that shares resources and best practices to advance university-assisted community schools policy and practice. If you're interested in joining, please contact Joann Weeks, Associate Director of the Netter Center for Community Partners. 
If you're a leader at an United Way, you are eligible to join the United Way Community Schools Learning Community that serves as a peer networking opportunity for United Way’s involved in community school initiatives. If you would like to participate in the Network, please contact Sharon Lee.
The Coalition for Community Schools invites you to join your state or region's Community Schools State Coalition. State coalitions provide a means for local and state community schools stakeholders to connect, deepen their knowledge and skills, and advocate for supportive policies at the state level. Please view the list below to find your state's contact to get connect. If you don't see your state listed, your state coalition may be in its emerging phase. Please contact Mary Kingston Roche to learn more. 
2. To help the Network plan activities for this school year, please let us know which Community School Site Standards you would like to learn more about and develop skills, or what areas you have expertise in so we can potentially tap you to help build webinars or other learning opportunities. Please view the standards if you need clarification on any topic area listed below.
Space Cell I need help in this area and would like to learn moreThis area is a strength of mine and I would like to share my knowledge with othersNot interested in this topic
Collaborative Leadership: Shared ownership and accountability
Planning: Incorporates the assets and needs of school, family, and community in the School Improvement Plan
Coordinating Infrastructure: Facilitates coordination of school and community resources
Student-centered data: Guides opportunities and support to individual students
Continuous Improvement: Deepens the impact of the community school
Sustainability: Ensures ongoing operations of the community school
Powerful Learning: Engages students as independent learners
Integrated Health and Social Supports: Addressing barriers to learning
Authentic Family Engagement: Embraces families and mobilizes family assets
Authentic Community Engagement: Gathers and galvanizes community and neighborhoods resources
2. In addition to the Site Standards, please let us know if you would like to learn more or if you have expertise in the following topic areas. 
Space Cell I need help in this area and would like to learn moreThis area is a strength of mine and I would like to share my knowledge with othersNot interested in this topic
Social Emotional Learning
Culturally Relevant Practices
Chronic Absence
Community Organizing and Advocacy
Trauma Informed Care
Supporting Students with Disabilities
College and Career Pathways