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"Good Health Is More Than Health Care" Quiz

Test your knowledge of how the social and economic conditions in which you live, learn and work impact your health by taking this confidential “Good Health Is More Than Health Care” Quiz. To improve your score, you may wish to view this "Good Health Is More Than Health Care" educational content before taking the quiz. 

People living with HIV in Illinois have the opportunity to win one of 20 Amazon gift cards, valued at $25 each, by taking this quiz by Feb. 15. To qualify for a prize, individuals must be living with HIV in Illinois and provide their email address, which will be kept confidential, at the end of the quiz. Winners will be notified by Feb. 22.

Contact the regional office near you to learn more about how Illinois HIV Care Connect can help you live healthy with HIV. View the regional map.

Region 1: Northwestern Illinois 815-720-4000
Region 2: Heart of Illinois 800-801-8751; 800-526-0857 TTY 
Region 3: Central Illinois 888-308-8105 
Region 4: Southwest Illinois 618-825-4471 
Region 5: Southern Illinois 877-745-1424 
Region 6: East Central Illinois 888-801-3172 
Region 7: Collar Counties 312-922-2322 
Region 8: Cook County 312-922-2322
1. Are you a resident of Illinois?