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KBR’s Alkylation and Isomerization Technologies

Join KBR Technology on Sunday, September 30th, from 2:00pm - 4:00pm to learn about technologies that will aid you in improving your octane barrels in a cost effective way.  Our solution portfolio includes the next generation safe, flexible and economical solid acid catalyst for alkylation and catalytic distillation for isomerization of hydrocarbon streams producing high octane blends for your gasoline pool.

This workshop is complimentary. 

• Keynote
• K-SAAT™ – Solid Acid Alkylation
   -  Technology overview – feed flexibility, alkylate properties
   -  Advantages over competing options
   -  Revamp and grassroots applications (Ethylene to Amylene)
• MAX-ISOM™ – Reactive Distillation Isomerization
   -  Technology overview and benefits
   -  Revamp and grassroots applications (C4 – C7 feed)

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