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Taipei 2019 Consultation Request Form

Part 1: Personal details

Individuals who already registered for our Taipei 2019 Conference may use this form to request a private consultation with one or more providers who will be available before and following the conference on March 9-10, 2019.

Your information will remain confidential and only shared with the service providers you indicated (but first you will receive a confirmation email to verify that you indeed submitted this request).


已經完成註冊參加我們台北2019年會議的人, 可以使用此表格預約時間(2019年3月9日至10日)來向一個或多個生育機構來進行私人諮詢。

1. Prospective parent #1Please provide full legal name.
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2. Do you plan to have children as: *This question is required.
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With which of the following agencies and / or clinics would you like to request a private consultation? *This question is required.* Asterisk denotes a member of the MHB Advisory Circle
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If you already have children through surrogacy, don't forget to fill our MHB Parent survey!
4. What type of surrogacy are you pursuing / considering?
5. Languages you (or your partner) speak: