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Nurse Resident Mentor Program Application

Contact Information
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What best describes your role as a former Nurse Resident?
Does your Unit Leadership know of your interest in becoming a mentor?
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Check each box if you ARE ABLE to meet the following expectations:
Do you have at least one year of clinical experience at UCLA?
Are you a seasoned professional with advanced job-related experience, knowledge of the organization, positive attitude, and excellent communication skills?
Can you meet the Time Commitments below:
Space Cell YesNo
Be available on either May 12th or May 26th, 2020 for 30 minutes to meet face to face (kickoff meeting) with the nurse residents during their session
Attend (1) lunch and learn educational session, either on May 12th or May 26th, 2020 , that is 1 hour in duration after the kickoff
Are you able to meet virtually with each nurse resident group, at least once a month, for 12 months, starting in October?
FYI: The NRP coordinator will inform you of the specific date after completing mentor-mentee pairings. 
*Note: When you press submit, an email will automatically be sent to your Unit Leadership notifying them that you have completed the request to be a nurse mentor and that your understand the role and expectations to serve in this capacity.