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2021 SFMTA Press Vehicle Parking Permits are effective from January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.

Press Vehicle Parking Permits are only available for members of the news gathering media who are required to cover breaking news and to pass through police and fire lines on a regular basis. Feature writers and photographers, editors and editorialists, producers, freelance writers, financial service broadcasters, and all staff not actively gathering news at the scene of an incident are not eligible.

The annual fee for each permit is $72.00. 

Please include all vehicles, both media organization and personal, that you wish to hold permits for in this application. 

All applicants for personal vehicles must hold a current Press Pass issued by the SFPD.  You will not be issued Press Parking Permits without a current SFPD Press Pass.  Company Vehicles must be owned by a Media Organization that has been approved by SFPD. 

For SFPD Press Pass inquiries, please contact SFPD's Media Relations Unit at 1245 3rd Street. Phone: 415.837.7395 Email:

For any questions regarding Press Vehicle Parking Permits, please contact SFMTA at