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ASTP Survey on Knowledge Transfer Activities FY2017

Introduction - please read carefully

Welcome to the ASTP Annual Survey on Knowledge Transfer Activities
This survey collects data for Financial Year 2017 (FY2017)
Please provide us with data relevant for the 12 month period that is used within your Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) or Public Research Organization (PRO) for financial reporting ("Financial Year" or "FY"). If this period does not coincide with a calendar year, then please provide us with data for the 12 month period that ENDS in the year for which data are requested.
For example, if your Financial Year starts on May 1st, Financial Year 2017 (FY2017) would then be the period from May 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018.

If your KTO is the major service provider of knowledge transfer services for more than one PRO
Please provide aggregate data for all PROs combined (and indicate the total number of PROs in Question 4).

Before starting to fill out this survey
Please make sure that you have collected the relevant data for all of the PROs that you report on, in particular the total amount of Research Expenditure in FY2017 and the total number of FTE engaged in research in FY2017. These numbers will be used to normalise data such that the output of organisations of different sizes can be compared more readily. You can determine what data you need to collect by looking up the questions in the pdf file that you received attached to the email with the link to this survey.