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2019-2020 - The Helen & Vernon Crawford Scholarship

Helen and Vernon Crawford first began their work in literacy at Literacy Action in the 1980's and soon became strong advocates for advancing the literacy of anyone who wished to learn to read. Vernon was a greatly loved physics professor at Georgia Tech and served in collegiate administrative positions after his retirement, culminating in the position of Acting Chancellor of the University System of Georgia. In that capacity he and Helen traveled the state of Georgia and witnessed the serious need for more education among Georgians in all subjects.

When Dr. Kenneth Breeden, who headed the Department of Technical and Adult Education (DTAE), discovered that literacy was to be a part of Technical and Adult Education, he conceived the idea of communities across Georgia creating literacy goals for themselves and finding the resources they needed themselves to support their efforts. He then convinced Dr. Crawford, who was on the DTAE Board of Directors, to help refine what became Georgia's Certified Literate Community Program. The Crawford's and Mrs. Shirley Miller, wife of Governor Zell Miller, then traveled the state, introducing the Certified Literate Community Program model wherever they were invited. These scholarships are Helen and Vernon Crawford's legacy to all of Georgia to continue and excel in what they helped to begin. 
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