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Scholarship Application

We're delighted that you're interested in our scholarship!

Aviation Marketing Lab - One Year Scholarship includes:


  • Full participation (including the opportunity to earn certification) in our Aviation Sales Basics Certification Course. (A $499 value.)
  • 12 months of SEO/ website visibility reports (A $29 value x 12) 348
  • Quarterly Office Hours (A $279 value x 4)
  • 12 months of our Book of the Month Club  (A $20 value x 12) 240
  • 12 months Inclusion in the Insider Circle Facebook Group (Their  inclusion in the Facebook Group can be extended at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, based on the value of that person’s ongoing contributions to the group. (Priceless!) 
  • The scholarship can be revoked at any time if the recipient leaves the profession, fails to participate in a meaningful way, or does anything that the committee (or John or I) feel is detrimental to any of our members.
Total value - Over $2148! (More than that to someone who is willing and able to apply the lessons, introductions and opportunities!)

Please complete this application BEFORE NOVEMBER 30, 2019!