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FGP 2018 Business research

Feel Good Pass has for mission to make wellness accessible, to anyone.
In order to achieve this, we have a few questions to ask you. This survey will only take 5 minutes.
Let's get started!
1. What type of business are you?
2. How many people do you employ?
3. Where is the business based?
4. What geographical print do you have?
Check all that apply.
5. Have you ever used e-commerce marketplace such as Groupon, Itison, Living Social?
6. If you answered yes to the previous question, would you use this type of market place again?
8. How satisfied are you with the performance of your current marketing?
9. How satisfied are you with your current market reach?
12. On average, how much is the business spending in marketing and advertising a month?
13. Considering your current spent on marketing and your current target market reach, what would you feel would be of good value for advertising a special offer per week?
14. Feel Good Pass has for mission to make wellness accessible, to anyone.
At Feel Good Pass, we thrive to provide access to the best classes, practitioners, therapists and wellness retailers. The pass will give its members access to exclusive offers in their local area and online, from businesses like yours.
As a business, would you be interested in being partners with Feel Good Pass?
15. Considering you are interested in partnering with Feel Good Pass, what type of offers would you be more likely to propose? Select up to 3
16. Considering the type of offers above, what is the length of time you are most likely to list them for?
17. Considering the type of offers and length of time above, what frequency are you likely to list them?
18. Considering your own operations and systems, would you prefer using
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