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NTN Spotlight School Application


There is a place for everyone in the spotlight! We believe each school in our network, new as well as mature, have practices to share and learn. The Spotlight School application process will generate evidence and examples based on phases of NTN school development. Our goal is to  share these practices and evidence with educators in our network, local communities and across the nation. 

The Spotlight School application serves as an entry point to seek designation based on predictable phases of development. 
Those phases are:

  • Ignite - Establishes structures practices and ‘ways of thinking’ 
  • Implement – Strengthens the learning of adults and students
  • Improve - Refines work for continuous improvement
  • Breakthrough - Extends the learning of students and teachers beyond the classroom

This progression encourages ongoing learning. Each level builds on the previous category to surface more complex components of school transformation and PBL implementation.

Use this application process to analyze and communicate information about your school practices. Respond to questions in a concise, but specific manner and utilize the attachments area to provide clear evidence related to your work.  Submissions should be compiled by a school team of teachers, administrators, staff and students.  If you would like to save your application, and return to it at another time, simply select the "save and continue" button at the top right hand corner, enter an email, and the link to resume your application will be sent directly to you.  You may use this link at any time, or share it with your team for collaboration.

Feel free to browse the questions, save your answers and return later.  Upon submission of the application, the Spotlight School Review Team will be in contact with you about next steps.  If questions arise, please refer to our NTK document, or contact

2. For which Spotlight School phase would you like to apply? *This question is required.