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Visa Questionnaire

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Personal Information
4. If you are affiliated with the National Academies, please indicate your connection:
5. Are you the visa applicant? *This question is required.
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13. Category that best describes the individual: *This question is required.
14. Has this applicant previously been denied when applying for a visa to come to the United States?
Visa Application Specifics  

NOTE: If the applicant has not yet applied for a visa, please do not complete this form. Send us a description of your problem at:
15. Type of visa requested: *This question is required.
22. Where was the visa application filed? *This question is required.
23. Has the visa been granted?
Was the visa:
What reason was the applicant given for the denial?
What was the reason given for the delay?
Did the applicant receive the visa in time to participate in the planned activity in the U.S.?
Additional Comments