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W. Mulberry Reshaping Project


We thank you in advance for taking this survey.  The questions should take approximately 7-10 minutes.  Please provide your contact information to be entered to win one of several gift cards for taking this survey.  If you prefer to keep your responses anonymous but would still like to be entered into the gift card drawing, please send your contact information to: Tessa Greegor,

In 2018, the City completed a reshaping of the W. Mulberry Street corridor, between Overland Trail and Jackson Ave.  The redesign included adding a center turn lane, adding protected bike lanes, and reducing travel lanes from two lanes in each direction to one lane in each direction. The protected bike lanes were completed as part of a pilot project, which includes testing different types of bike lane protection to determine the best approach for future projects. As part of this pilot program, the City is conducting evaluation of the project to seek feedback on different aspects of the design.  This information will be used to inform future project design and to determine whether additional refinements are needed for the Mulberry corridor.  Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback!

Several of the questions refer to "protected" bike lanes.  A protected bike lane refers to a bike lane with a physical / vertical delineation between the bike lane and the travel lane (e.g., curbs, flex posts). The image below provides an example of the protected bike lane on Mulberry.

Several of the questions refer to the W. Mulberry Street Reshaping project.  For reference, the following image shows an example of what W. Mulberry street looked like prior to the reshaping (two travel lanes in each direction, no center turn lane, intermittent bike lanes).  The above image shows what it looks like today (Center turn lane, one travel lane in each direction, protected bike lanes).