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Elm Grove Downtown Master Plan Redevelopment Survey

1. What is your age?
4. What land uses should be the priority of Downtown Elm Grove’s redevelopment? (select all thay apply)
5. Which of these design elements do you feel are important to include in Downtown Elm Grove’s redevelopment? (select all thay apply)
6. Related to Downtown Elm Grove, please indicate the level to which you agree or disagree with these statements
Space Cell strongly agreeagreedisagreestrongly disagree
Downtown is walkable
Downtown is bike friendly
More on street bike lanes are needed
More off street dedicated bike lanes are needed
I can usually find adequate parking downtown
Streets in Elm Grove are generally well maintained
Elm Grove has a strong sense of place
7. How frequently do you visit the following downtown destinations?
Space Cell 1/day1/week1/month1/yearnever
Workplace/work related meeting
Place of Worship
Service business
Village Hall
Entertainment/Cultural Venues
Post Office