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IACUC19 ICB Scholarship Application


IACUC19 Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) Scholarship Program Application
Thank you for your interest in PRIM&R’s ICB Scholarship Program!
Application Instructions

The application contains four main steps and both team members must contribute to the application materials:

Step 1) Applicant A provides contact information

Step 2) Applicant B provides contact information

Step 3) Both Applicant A and B contribute to
 the following information:
  • Descriptions of both applicants' IACUC work within the institution
  • description and the mission of the team's institution and the community which it serves
  • A description of how the team will benefit from and use the knowledge and contacts gained by attending the conference
  • A description of how and when the team will disseminate the knowledge gained at the conference
  • An explanation of any funding sources available to the team (if no funds are available, please explain)
  • The title of any abstract the applicant or applicant team may have submitted as part of the Call for Abstracts (if applicable) 
Step 4) Upload application materials  
  • Applicant A's CV/resume (5 page max) 
  • Applicant B's CV/resume (5 page max)
  • A letter of support from a supervisor stating that the institution supports the team’s efforts to attend the conference

Helpful Tips: Applicants should consider preparing individual responses and materials prior to filling out this application. Please note that applicants may save their progress and continue filling out the form at a later time. To do so, click the "save and continue" option on the top, right corner and provide an email address. A unique link will be emailed allowing the applicant to return to continue working on the application.
Following the submission of the team's application, applicants will receive a confirmation email. For a team to be eligible for priority consideration, their application must be received by 5:00 PM ET on January 4, 2019. Applications received after that date will be considered on a rolling basis through January 14, 2019. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

If selected, the team may be eligible for full or partial fee waivers to attend IACUC19 and a preconference program of their choice, a one-year PRIM&R membership, coach airfare between the team's home airport and Bellevue, and lodging for the duration of the conference. It is at the discretion of the scholarship review committee to include any or all of these items. 

Please contact Maggie Wolff, Program Assistant, at with any questions or concerns.