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2018 Big Apple Awards: Nominate a College and Career Counselor


NOMINATION DEADLINE: Monday, November 26, 2018

Thank you for your interest in nominating an outstanding college and career counselor for the first annual Big Apple College and Career Counselor Awards: Recognizing Postsecondary Planning Excellence in New York City.

If you meant to nominate a teacher, please visit our teacher nomination form

Why nominate a counselor?

  • Show your appreciation for a dedicated educator who has made an impact on you and/or your community.
  • Contribute to a citywide conversation about postsecondary planning excellence and showcase the work happening in your school community. 
  • All nominees will be considered for additional NYC DOE recognition opportunities throughout the year.
Who can I nominate?

Nominees should be current, full-time counselors at New York City district schools. Please note that you may nominate more than one counselor for this award. 

Who can submit a nomination?

Anyone can submit a nomination — students, families, teachers, administrators, community members.

I'm ready to nominate! What information will I need to submit?

  • Your name and a valid email address;
  • Basic information about your nominee (including their name and school);
  • A statement on why your nominee should be considered for the Awards.

If you cannot find your school in the form above, please email

If you were able to identify your school, please click Next to continue.