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2018 HSTW Annual Site Progress Report

Annual Site Progress Report for the 2018-2019 School Year


The report is designed to provide schools an opportunity to review current improvement efforts, reflect on progress in implementing the HSTW design and discuss anticipated support for next year. This report incorporates the HSTW Design Principles and and a set of key practices. The Annual Site Progress Report is best completed through a collaborative effort between the school leadership team and faculty. A completed Annual Report is required for schools to remain active in the HSTW network. However, we do not need you to send us your completed report, as your responses are stored electronically through this online platform.

You may click “Save and continue later” at the top of the page to save your report and continue at a later time. You will be asked to enter and verify an email address. An email will be sent from the address with a unique link to resume the report.

Please direct any questions regarding this report to:

Rebecca Purser or Paula Egelson
Southern Regional Education Board,
(404) 879-5556