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Marketing Data Capture Form 2018 - Resolution Thursday

The Ultimate Webcast For...

Resolution Thursday!

Find out what makes the difference between handling a complaint and resolving one, and join us for the Resolution Revolution Webcast!

The Resolution Revolution is all about how your team manage complaints and the importance of it. How many times do you hear your team say ‘You’ll need to speak to our complaints team about that’, or how often do your team make excuses to avoid resolving an issue?

Join Accelerator’s Sarah Jefferies and Steve Farmer to learn in what way employee engagement impacts on how complaints are being handled in your business and how complaints are no longer a process – top businesses are looking at the holistic view on complaint handling and getting wider teams involved in business improvement, all focussed on the end to end Customer Experience.

You can also sign up for our 2018 webinar, 'The Employee Engagement Shift: Moving from process to People' by clicking here.

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