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National Indigenous Arts and Cultural Authority (NIACA) survey

For decades, the idea of a National Indigenous Arts and Cultural Authority (NIACA) has emerged and re-emerged.

We want to hear from you on this important issue.

About this survey

This survey is designed to inform the national consultation process about the value, role, scope and form of a NIACA.

We invite responses from people aged 18 years and over, and organisations with an interest in the Indigenous arts and cultural sector.

The survey should take up to 10 minutes to complete, depending on your responses. Compulsory questions are marked with a red star (*).

The survey is open from 8 October 2018 and will close 
5:00pm AEDT Thursday 28 February 2019.

If you have questions regarding this survey or the NIACA consultation go to or contact

The words ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’, ‘First Nations’ and ‘Indigenous’ are used interchangeably in this survey to refer to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia, and their arts and cultures. We understand that some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are not comfortable with some of these words. Only respect is meant when these words are used.

How we will use your response 

The results of this survey will be used in combination with responses to the discussion paper and discussions with First Nations stakeholders through public forums. We will share the results of this consultation in 2019.

Your personal details and who will see the information collected

The Australia Council for the Arts is acting as an interim secretariat to support the consultation for a NIACA. 

To ensure survey results are representative, we are asking for basic information about where you live and your role or interest in the Indigenous arts and cultural sectors. 

You don't have to provide this information.

If you choose to provide your details they will only be viewed by select staff from the Australia Council. This information will only be shared once combined with other responses so you can't be identified.