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Test of English Language Proficiency and Legal Terminology - Sample Test



This guide provides an overview of the content of the written test.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the descriptions for each section and review the test question examples carefully to know what to expect on the test.  The written test consists of 75 multiple-choice questions.  Applicants will have 90 minutes to complete the written test which is designed to assess the following:

A.    Reading and Understanding Written Material - Sentence Completion
B.    Reading and Understanding Written Material - Paragraph Comprehension
C.    Grammar and Language Usage
D.    Vocabulary - Synonyms
E.    Vocabulary - Antonyms 
F.    Idiomatic Expressions 
G.    Legal Terminology

    Qualified court interpreters possess native-like mastery of both English and the target language and have the ability to do consecutive, simultaneous and sight interpreting in a courtroom setting.  To increase their proficiency of the English language, applicants may find it helpful to take an English course at a college or university and study vocabulary-building books found in the reference sections of libraries and bookstores.  

    To improve knowledge of court-related legal terminology, there are many excellent glossaries and other resources available to interpreters in publications and on organizational websites such as: and . Applicants can also reference a copy of the UCS Court Interpreter Manual and Code of Ethics which contains a legal glossary and extensive practical information useful to both current and prospective court interpreters that is available on the NYS Unified Court System’s website at:
    The questions that follow are for illustrative purposes only.  These  examples represent different types and formats of questions that applicants may encounter on the written multiple-choice test.  Test questions that appear on the actual test vary in difficulty and may be easier or more difficult than the questions illustrated.