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IP Legal Process Outsourcing


Welcome to the IP Legal Process Outsourcing Benchmark Survey.

We appreciate your participation.  Your input is highly valued.  We developed this survey to capture the information that is most important to IP Departments interested in assessing their intellectual property department outsourcing/offshoring practices. 

For this survey, outsourcing means work done by non-employees outside of your domestic/operational country (aka offshoring) for the purposes of achieving cost savings or not increasing headcount, and does not include work done on foreign applications by foreign associates.

We have been conducting IP benchmark studies for 5 years and over 550 companies have participated.  Our intent is to provide you with the most relevant and insightful results.  This study was approved by our IP Leaders Advisory.


This is a blind survey and all responses will be kept strictly confidential and merged with all participants. Participants have used our survey results to upgrade department practices, compare and measure performance, streamline procedures or justify resources.

- All participants will receive a complimentary Summary Report.
- An electronic version (PDF) is available for off-line review. To obtain a copy, e-mail your request to

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Robert Williamson
ipPerformance Group