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Crescendo for Strings 2019-20

Please note: Students must be registered for the 2019-2020 Crescendo for Strings program at Student Services prior to submitting an application. Check with your teacher to find out if you or they will submit an application for you.
1. Basic Information
2. Select a jury date. Please note application deadlines.
Which elements will the student perform at this jury? One or more elements of a level may be attempted in any one jury. If only one element remains to be completed in a level, elements from the next level may be played at the same jury. See 2017 updated violin syllabus (or any viola/cello syllabus) for required elements at each level. Teacher copies of the syllabus are available in the 3rd floor lounge or by sending an email to
3. Will the student perform SCALES and arpeggios?
4. About your Etude
5. Double Stops
7. Piece 1 Information
8. Piece 2 Information
9. Piece 3 Information (Artist Levels only)
Note: Scales and arpeggios must be memorized. Etudes need not be memorized. Memorization of repertoire pieces is encouraged but not required to pass the level; however, memorization of at least one piece is required to pass with distinction and therefore be considered for an invitation to perform at the Gala and Award Ceremony.

Piano accompaniment is required at the jury for all solo repertoire except for pieces composed for unaccompanied solo string instrument. There is no additional fee for performing with the Crescendo for Strings accompanist.
11. If repertoire will be performed at this jury, will the student play with the Crescendo for Strings accompanist?
12. If so, PLEASE SUBMIT A COPY OF THE ACCOMPANIMENT WITH THIS APPLICATION IF POSSIBLE. Or, your teacher may choose to submit accompaniment. Please indicate tempos. Rehearsals will be arranged for students in levels 5 and higher. Rehearsals are usually scheduled 12:00-1:00 on jury days. You will be contacted if we need to arrange for a separate rehearsal day.

If you will use your own accompanist, please indicate who will accompany the student:
This question requires a valid email address.
This question requires a valid number format.
12. Accompaniment Submission:
Questions? Contact Crescendo for Strings coordinator Rebecca Jacobson at