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Planning Committee Reviewer Application

Qualification of Reviewers

C4 Recovery Foundation has a lineup you won’t find anywhere else: Five national conferences, twenty days of renowned keynotes and 200+ sessions featuring inspiring thinkers, new voices, and visionary clinicians, and leaders in our industry.

Here’s where you come in. We’re actively recruiting subject matter experts to peer review keynote and workshop education session proposals. As a peer reviewer, you’ll help us evaluate and select the very best educational content and shape our 2019 programs. We are seeking individuals with expertise in some, if not all, of the following areas to serve as reviewers of applications for the 2019 C4 Foundation Events:
  • Bachelors, Masters or higher degree in Human Services, Social Services, Social Work, Counseling, or related fields
  • Five (5) years direct clinical experience in a mental health/behavioral health/SUD or similar setting
  • Current licensure/registration as MFT/MFTi, MSW, MD, DO, CEAP, MAC, PA, NP, CADP, CCDP, PHARMD, BCD, BRI I/II, RN, MT-BC, ATR, PhD/PsyD or related degree
  • Must have experience working consumers, families, providers and/or advisory boards in the behavioral health field
  • Sound clinical knowledge and demonstrated recognition as a credible clinical resource
  • Sensitivity to multi-cultural populations and issues
  • Understanding of integrated services including behavior crisis prevention, intervention, and stabilization services
  • Understanding of integration of physical, behavioral health services, and long-term services and supports for individuals across different populations
  • Understanding of quality improvement initiatives regarding behavioral supports and the appropriate use of psychotropic medications in different populations
  • Understanding of evaluation, development and implementation of clinical programs, policies and procedures that meet business needs
  • Understanding of motivational interviewing, trauma-informed services, cognitive behavioral therapies including DBT, motivational therapies and knowledge of the theories that are often used in behavioral health
  • Understanding of the neurobiology of addictions
  • Understand the nature of evidence about the relative effectiveness of theory-based interventions
  • Identify the most important considerations in choosing the right theory to address a behavioral health problem in a particular population and context.
  • Personal recovery experience not required, however, knowledge of recovery support systems and 12-Step programs is preferred
Reviewers will work individually to evaluate and score applications. Anticipate reviewing approximately 100 submissions. Reviews are anticipated to take place between July 2019 and September 2019 for WCSAD, between October 2019 and December 2019 for CORE/CCSAD, and EVOLUTION between March 2019 and May 2019.  Reviewers will participate in a total of approximately 6-12 hours of review, all of which will be done remotely.