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Uptown Median Design Concepts Survey

The City of Sedona needs the community's help!

We are looking for ideas for the median component of our Uptown Roadway Improvements Project. See a basic diagram of the project below:

As part of bringing to life the City's Transportation Master Plan, an effort known Sedona in Motion, the City is expected to start construction after Spring 2019 on the Uptown Roadway Improvements Project, which will include a central and northern roundabout, two southbound lanes, a proposed connector to Schnebly Road, and a median running down the entire project, about 2,300 feet, or a close to a half-mile.

We'd like to make the median design process fun and inclusive, asking all of you for your creative input.

What we need from you
Any and all median design concepts, ideas, themes and/or thoughts are welcome. This can be something as simple as a little sketch, elements you'd like to see, or even all out detailed designs. Should it be rocks? Should it be plants? Should it be a certain color? The sky is the limit!

Things to consider
The median will occupy a space four feet wide and can be flexible in height. Additionally, the median will need to function as a barrier to restrict pedestrian crossings to dedicated crossing areas instead of allowing people to jaywalk.

Submission format
You can use the subsequent submission box to submit your ideas by typing straight into the box, or attaching a document, image or video.

How your ideas will be used
City staff will collect all of the ideas to find common themes, which will be used to provide direction to professional landscape architects and traffic engineers to incorporate into draft designs. Staff will give the professional draft designs to City Council and they will decide which elements of those designs will be incorporated in the final design.

When to submit your ideas by
You will have three weeks to submit your designs. Please submit by 11 pm on Monday, November 26th, 2018.

We can't wait to see you creative ideas. Thanks for being part of this process and we look forward to being inspired by your creativity!


1. Please submit any median design concepts, ideas, themes and/or thoughts you have in the box below. You may submit words, images and even videos by using the browse button.
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