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Women in ARTNeT Questionnaire

Women in ARTNeT (WIA)—on the road to gender parity in ARTNeT

ARTNeT Secretariat is currently exploring a new campaign titled, tentatively, Women in ARTNeT. The campaign's main objective will be to promote the inclusion of women and their contributions in applied research, generating solid evidence for better policymaking in the areas of trade, investment, and innovation and their role in sustainable development, especially in developing countries of Asia and the Pacific. Women researchers in economics have been conducting cutting-edge policy-relevant research. This has started to be recognized by appointments of women at the most responsible positions in several international organizations, universities, think-tanks, and committees. However, while we celebrate these achievements worldwide, the fact remains that very few women lead or are involved in research and policy analysis or in evidence-based policymaking in the region. 

Resting on the tested pillars of ARTNeT of promotion of technical training, applied research opportunities, and access to policymakers, this campaign seeks to unleash the skills, knowledge, and untapped potentials of women professionals in the region. The overall goal of this campaign is to bring more women into the ARTNeT community and to support junior women academics, analysts and policymakers to either become involved in or to enhance their influence on policymaking. By balancing the gender composition of ARTNeT community [1] and enabling women analysists and researchers to contribute their work and views, ARTNeT will strengthen its capabilities to tackle and offer a more diverse set of policy-relevant research questions and offer richer policy options for the developing countries in the region. Last, but not the least, it will make ARTNeT more inclusive.  

At this stage, we would like to gather ideas and suggestions from our ARTNeT members, particularly from women professionals associated directly or indirectly with various ARTNeT initiatives. Your answers to the following short questionnaire—along with any point you would like to bring up—will be invaluable in helping the Secretariat define, formulate, and deliver a campaign that is most meaningful to all the members.

This questionnaire should take about 10 mins. The deadline for submission of Nov. 10th. If you would like to take part in a short interview with the Secretariat in a follow-up to this, please provide your email and telephone contact details at the end of the questionnaire. 

[1] Sadly, ARTNeT is still far from gender parity. Only three out of 28 advisers are women; only 15 out of 74 member institutions are represented by women focal point, only six out of 20 published books were (co)authored or edited by women, and for every woman trained, there were more than three men trained.