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Wisconsin Participation Agreement Palliative Care in Rural Communities

Under contract with Stratis Health, MetaStar and the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health invites you to participate in the quality improvement initiative: Rural Community Based Palliative Care.  The goal of this project is to increase the number of patients who receive palliative care support in rural communities through a multi-site, interdisciplinary team of interdisciplinary professionals who are committed to palliative care services. Through this initiative, we aim to establish a collaborative relationship with those of you doing the work in the field, by providing you with tools, resources, and support to meet your needs, while learning from your experiences in order to better health care outcomes across the region and across settings of care.

While there is no fee to participate, the success of this initiative for rural communities and individual care providers depends on the mutual commitment and collaborative efforts of both MetaStar, Wisconsin Office of Rural Health, and the participating organizations. More specific benefits and expectations of participation are below.

You will...
  • Opportunities to attend educational and visioning workshop(s) conducted with community stakeholders
  • Assist in developing a community an action plan to enhance palliative care services in your community
  • Network with and learn from other experts in your country and state
  • Participate in activities that promote and spread palliative care best practices
  • Receive individual follow up and support as needed
You will... 
  • Agree to remain active in this initiative from October 2018 through September 2020
  • Agree to publicly disclose participation in this initiative
  • Agree to commit resources and staff to the initiative
  • Identify a team sponsor and a day-to-day leader
  • Complete an initial and end of project asset and gap analysis
  • Collaborate with fellow healthcare providers in your geographic area, across various settings of care, to enhance palliative care in your community
  • Share results, best practices, and lessons learned
  • Collect, submit, and share agreed upon data
  • Participate in events, other education sessions, webinars, and conference
    • Day-long visioning and planning workshop I
    • Twice a year joint conference calls with all participating community teams included at the conclusion of the project
    • Bi-monthly Participant Technical Assistance Conference Calls with MetaStar for consultation and identification of resources
    • Day-long visioning and planning workshop II to evaluate progress and update plans
    • Optional educational webinars or conference calls on various palliative care related topics
Once this agreement is submitted, MetaStar will be in contact with you to discuss next steps.