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Application For CIPS Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in Fellowship status, our highest grade of membership.  CIPS Fellows (FCIPS) are senior advocates of our institute and the profession.

CIPS Fellowship is a globally recognised mark of your professional standing and reputation; an opportunity to widen your sphere of influence, using your achievements and insights to inspire others, raise the public profile of the profession and play a major role in setting the global strategy for the future of procurement and supply.

Prior to commencing this application we recommend you read the criteria that Fellowship is assessed against and ensure you will be able to evidence your eligibility.

Once your application has been submitted:
  • Our Professional Licensing Team will be in contact to advise if the initial criteria is met or if further information is required
  • If the initial criteria is met we will request payment to complete the application
  • Completed applications are put to an independent Fellowship Panel
  • An outcome will be given within eight weeks of a valid application being accepted
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be advised on an action plan to encourage a successful submission in the future

The application fee for Fellowship is:

£210 GBP
$418.99 AUD inc. GST
$400 NZ exc. GST

As part of your application you will need to supply personal information. If you would like to check how we will use this please see our privacy statement here.