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City of Santa Ana Broadband Survey

Welcome to the City of Santa Ana's Business Broadband Survey!

Please tell us about the broadband needs of your business!
This survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete

The City of Santa Ana is planning for the future needs and opportunities for the business, education, health and safety, and entrepreneurial sectors in our community. To gain a better understanding of how your organization currently accesses the internet, we request your assistance in completing this broadband survey that will help us:

• Establish geographical areas with the greatest potential;
• Assist in identifying and prioritizing investment in infrastructure;
• Support funding requests and grant proposals;
• Inform program development to enhance adoption of broadband.

This survey should be completed by the person who selects and/or pays for internet services in your organization or home-based business.  If the location for which you are completing this survey has broadband, please use a computer directly wired to your internet connection.

Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge but don't worry about getting answers exactly right. If you're unsure about an answer, please estimate. A good guess is better than a blank answer.

Your input is greatly appreciated!

Broadband: Broadband is defined as 25 Mbps or greater download speeds and 3 Mbps or greater upload speeds, as defined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Internet: A means of connecting a computer to any other computer anywhere in the world via dedicated routers and servers.
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is the wireless version of a wired Ethernet network, and it is commonly deployed alongside it.
Satellite Service: Satellite Internet access refers to Internet access provided through satellites. In other words, it is a telecommunications network provided by orbital communication stations. Signals from these satellites allow a user with a dish to have a high-speed internet connection.
Dial-Up Modem: Dial-up refers to an Internet connection that is established using a modem. When a user initiates a dial-up connection, the modem dials a phone number of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is designated to receive dial-up calls.
1. What is your street address? *This question is required.Please provide this information so we can identify where broadband is and is not available.

How many locations or sites does your organization have?

3. How many people work in your organization?
Space Cell Employees
In this location
In all locations
4. What is your business industry or sector?
5. Is your organization a home-based business? (Excludes telecommuting) *This question is required.
6. Does your location have internet service? *This question is required.Broadband is always-on, high-speed internet access service. Cell phone, dial-up via modem, and satellite internet connections are not considered broadband.