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TrueNorth Application 2019



Competency and Credentialing Institute (CCI) is the governing body administering the CNOR, CNS-CP and CSSM credentials to perioperative registered nurses. The mission of CCI is to lead competency credentialing that promotes safe, quality patient care and professional development through lifelong learning.

Certification, in many ways, acts as a compass directing a nurse's clinical practice towards nationally accepted standards. Registered nurses who hold the CNOR credential, as well as facilities that support those nurses’ certification goals, are subsequently committed to improving patient outcomes and look to certification to measure their mastery of the knowledge it takes to do so.
Thus, CCI developed the TrueNorth Award to recognize those organizations that use CNOR certification as a “true north” to guide their perioperative nursing staff to be lifelong learners, models of competent practice, and advocates for excellence and patient safety.