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LEAD Educator Participant Reference


Thank you for being a reference and completing this evaluation form, which will help the applicant who sent it to you complete their LEAD Educator Application. Please review the LEAD Program overview webpage as well as the standard document for which the candidate has applied before completing this form (standard documents are located on the aforementioned page). It will provide context for these questions and help you frame your answers in a way that will help the review committee understand this applicant's qualifications.

A LEAD Educator is a skilled volunteer who has demonstrated proficiency as a leader in a mountaineering or climbing discipline, and who has demonstrated excellence in teaching and training others to travel in the same terrain. This form examines the Teaching and Mentoring skills of the applicant. 

LEAD Educator Certifications are national standards in the United States, developed by the Mountain Education Alliance, and it meets international UIAA standards.

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