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AAU-APLU Science and Security Effective Practices Survey

AAU and APLU are working to collect and share current practices that universities are employing to ensure the security of research, protect against the theft of intellectual property and academic espionage, and prevent any actions or activities by foreign governments and/or other entities that may infringe on core academic values (e.g. free speech, scientific integrity, etc.). To accomplish this, we have prepared the following on-line survey form. The form is intended to provide a means for university representatives across our campuses to provide examples of policies, practices, tools, and other resources they think are effective and which other campuses might benefit from learning about as our universities collectively work to address these ongoing and emerging foreign threats. Please complete this form for each specific effective practice at your institution that you would like to share – that is, one form per example. A PDF version of the survey form is available here for you to reference and share with appropriate people on campus.
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