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Parish Pages Document Submission

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Individuals are asked to complete this form and attach a document below by noon, one week prior to the next e-distribution date.

Please complete and send this form here online only one document at a time.

Thank you.
2. Is this the same person as who is submitting this document?
5. Which of the following titles BEST describes your submission?
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
7. Which of the following audiences (persona groups) best describes your PRIMARY audience for this submission?
This question requires a valid email address.
The Parish Pages editorial team receives many documents for review and inclusion into Parish Pages.

Unfortunately, with a new focus on providing those in the mission field with a streamlined communication experience, we cannot guarantee that all documents submitted for consideration will be included. Subscribers have let us know that they want less content, and content that is organized by their identity rather than being group by Curia-focused groupings. Each persona group has a maximum amount of distributed documents and links to be SIX per issue to respect these requests as such.

Those who submit any document or link which is not included in this issue will be notified prior to the Parish Pages being distributed.
9. Is your submission a document/file or a weblink?
After completing the above description of your document, attach your document by completing the following steps:

1. If you are submitting a document, click BROWSE which will open a window on your computer to select your file. After you select your file, the name of the file should appear in the window.
  • Allowed types: png, gif, jpg, doc, xls, docx, xlsx, pdf, txt
  • Maximum file size is 10mb.
  • You can add a SECOND DOCUMENT if the two are both related as described above.
​2. Click UPLOAD. You should see spinning arrows and text that says "Uploading." After it is complete, a new box with the name of the document and a bright, bold X will appear on the screen. Your document has been successfully uploaded. 

3. Only after the arrows stop spinning and the document has completed uploading, click SUBMIT at the bottom to send the document and form answers to the admin. 

4. If you are submitting a weblink, please put your link into the 
text box provided when you make that selection.
Upload your document here following the instructions above. Do not click SUBMIT until the UPLOADING arrows stop spinning and the document name appears on the screen with a bright red X next to it. Thank you.