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CCNA Practice Quiz: 200-125 Quiz 1

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. How does TCP handle data sequencing?
2. Which of the following methods help to detect lost packets? (Choose two)
3. Which two of the following lists accurately describes TCP and UDP? (Choose two)
4. The following names are given to data at various stages in the encapsulation process:
  Packets   Bits   Segments   Frames
  To which layer of the OSI model do the names correspond?
5. Which of the following are functions of the MAC sublayer in the OSI model? (Choose two)
6. The following items describe the functions performed at various OSI model layers: Logical topology, hardware addresses, media access, framing 
Logical device identification, path identification and selection 
Flow control, reliable data transfer, windowing, segmentation, and sequencing 
Convert data to 0s and 1s, bit signaling and synchronization
Which of the following correctly identifies the layers that perform each of the functions listed here?
7. An Internet server has a single network interface that has been assigned an IP address. The server is running both the FTP and HTTP services. A client computer initiates a session with the HTTP server. How is the HTTP request from the client routed to the correct service running on the server?
8. Which two of the following functions are performed by IP? (Choose two)
9. A client computer starts to download some files from an FTP server named FTPsvr1. While the first download is in progress, the user opens a second instance of the FTP program and initiates a second download. What does the server and the client use to keep each download separate?
10. What is the purpose of the CRC in network communications?
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