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Black Girls Quality of Life Survey

Columbus City Council Member Priscilla Tyson sponsored Resolution 0208-2018 to create the Commission on Black Girls.The Commission is assessing factors that impact the quality of life for Black girls, ages 11- 22, who live in Columbus. Your response to this survey will provide valuable input for the Commission to better understand the factors that impact the lives of Black girls in Columbus.

Thank you for your willingness to share. We ask that you answer every question on this survey that applies to you but if you run into a question that you do not want to answer, feel free to leave it blank.

Your participation is voluntary and your responses will not be reported with any personal information about you. We are not collecting your name so be as open and honest as you can be.

The survey will take you approximately 20-30 minutes. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Lathania Butler, PhD at or Becky Zwickl at