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North End Community Center – Building and Site Study

Thank you for your interest in the North End Community Center! 
Below are the three final siting locations for a potential new community center in the neighborhood.
Each one has pros and cons. Please let us know your thoughts!
1. Existing Nazzaro Center Site
Major Moves:
Replace with New Building

Proposed building area: 
Approx. 35,150 GSF; 4 stories
Under “Minimum Recommended”

  • Retain existing site / central location
  • Includes civic, educational & arts spaces 
  • Right-sized Gym and 1 Fitness provided

  • 5,800 GSF under “Minimum Recommended”
  • Basketball court remains too small
  • Existing Building Demolished
  • Lose Parking / Drop Off
  • Impact Polcari Park
  • Subject to Article 97  (legislative approval required)
2. Mirabella Pool Site
Major Moves:
Relocate North End Community Center to be with Mirabella Pool and Langone Park

Proposed building area: 
Approx. 54,375 GSF; 4 stories 
(meets “Ideal recommended”)

  • Synergy with Pool and Park
  • Prominent Site w/ Great Views
  • Great Access
  • Meets Recommended Program

  • Park Site is subject to Article 97 (legislative approval may be necessary)
  • Partially in Flood Hazard Area
  • Peripheral to Neighborhood Core
3. Sargent’s Wharf Site
Major Moves:
Colocate North End Community Center with Mixed-Use Development

Proposed building area: 
Approx. 50,500 GSF; 4 stories
(meets “Ideal recommended”)

  • Prominent waterfront site with great views
  • Mixed-use funding opportunity
  • Vehicular and pedestrian accessibility

  • Partial loss of current parking lot (from 250 sp to 100+/-)
  • In flood hazard area
  • Peripheral from Neighborhood Core
  • Community Center elevated above street level activity.