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CCENT Practice Quiz: 100-105 Quiz 1

CCENT Practice Quiz: 100-105 Quiz 1

1. Which layer in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model enables coding and conversion functions for application layer data?
2. Which layer in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model defines an Internet Protocol (IP) address that helps in selecting the route to the destination?
3. Which of these applications uses the IMAP protocol to transfer information between a server and a host?

4. You are the network administrator for your company. The network at the company's office is due to be upgraded, and you have been assigned the responsibility of identifying the requirements for designing the network. You need to provide network connectivity to 200 client computers that will reside in the same sub network, and each client computer must be allocated dedicated bandwidth.

Which device should you use to accomplish the task?

5. With the following equipment list, which of the following network scenarios could be supported?

Two IP subnets of 
Seven 48-port switches 
Two router interfaces

6. Which of the following should be a characteristic of the core layer in the Cisco three-layer hierarchical model?
7. Which of the following topologies is used in Wide Area Networks (WANs)?
8. Which type of Category 5 unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable is used to work as a trunk between two switches?

9. You are working with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) as network manager. A corporate client approaches you to lease a public IP subnet that can accommodate 250 users. You have assigned him the subnet.

What subnet mask should be assigned to this IP address so that it can accommodate the number of users required by the corporate client?

10. You have been assigned a network ID of If you utilize the first network resulting from this ID, what would be the last legitimate host address in this subnet?