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Mozilla L10n Report

Thanks for taking our survey!

Last year, the Mozilla l10n-drivers revamped an important part of our communications with the community: the L10N Reports. As part of measuring the impact that these reports have had on the Mozilla l10n communities and how to improve them even further, this survey will ask you some feedback. Please answer openly and without reservation. This survey should only require 5 minutes of your time.
1. Do you know what are the l10n reports?
How frequently do you read the l10n reports?
What are the possible reasons why you don’t need or can’t read the reports more often? (Check all that apply)
Do you think the reports help you: (check all that apply)
Generally, how useful would you say the reports are?
Not usefulVery useful
Are the reports easy enough to read?
Do you feel the report publication frequency is appropriate?