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CCENT Practice Quiz: 100-101 Quiz

CCENT Practice Quiz: 100-101 Quiz 1

1. You are the network administrator for your company. The network at the company's office is due to be upgraded, and you have been assigned the responsibility of identifying the requirements for designing the network. You need to provide network connectivity to 200 client computers that will reside in the same sub network, and each client computer must be allocated dedicated bandwidth.

Which device should you use to accomplish the task?

2. Which of the following cables would be used to connect a router to a switch?
3. You have multiple departments sharing a common network. You are concerned about network traffic from one department reaching another department. What would be a solution for isolating the departments? (Choose all that apply)

4. Which of the following IP addresses are valid Class B host addresses if a default Class B mask is in use? (Choose all that apply)

5. Which subnet is IP address /23 a member of, and what is the broadcast address for that subnet?

6. Which statements are TRUE regarding Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) addresses? (Choose three)
7. When packets are transmitted from one host to another across a routed segment, which two addresses are changed? (Choose two)
8. Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding Cisco access lists? (Choose two)

9. From which of the following attacks can Message Authentication Code (MAC) shield your network?

10. Which type of attack floods the target system with unwanted requests, causing the loss of service to users?