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2019 Waste Tracker

If you have trouble figuring out how much waste or recycling your business generated in 2019, figure out the number of bins, the size of the bin, how full the bin is at collection and the number of collections per month to calculate the quantity of waste generated per year.

(Number of bins) x (Size of bin) x (% full at empty) x (Collections per month) x 12 months = Quantity per year

1. Please provide the information below. *This question is required.

Enter the amount of waste your business landfilled in 2018.
Select the unit of measurement for material(s) landfilled Enter the amount of material(s) landfilled
Landfilled waste

Enter the amount of each item your business recycled below. 
Select the unit of measurement for material(s) recycled Enter the amount of material(s) recycled
Single Stream (containers and paper in the same bin) *most common method for collecting recyclables
Commingled Containers (mixed bottles, cans, containers, plastics)
Mixed Paper (includes magazines, newspapers, paperboard)
Plastic Film/Plastic Bags
Food Waste
Yard Waste
Wood Waste
Scrap Metal