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Wisconsin Stakeholder Support of Palliative Care in Rural Communities

MetaStar and the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health is working with Stratis Health to support a multi-state, multi-faceted project to increase access to palliative care services in rural communities to improve quality of life and quality of care for those with advanced illness and complex care needs.  The project will build rural community-based palliative care philosophy and services in an initial five to eight communities each in North Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Program components
  • Project Partners: To support implementation and help ensure long-term sustainability, the project includes a partnership between MetaStar and WI Office of Rural who will engage state and local partners.
  • State Advisory Group: WI has engaged Palliative Care of WI to act as our state advisory group to help understand local context and/or supports needed for development of rural community-based palliative care services.
  • Community Cohorts to Develop Palliative Care Services: WI will work with a cohort of five to eight rural communities, leading them through a facilitated planning process for development and implementation of palliative care services uniquely designed to meet community needs and tailored to enhance and align local resources.
  • Centralized Support and Resource Center: The online Rural Palliative Care Resource Center will continually updated to include additional tools, trainings, and best practices identified across participating states and communities