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The Investment Association's Consultation on Sustainability and Responsible Investment

Purpose of the Consultation

The asset management industry is at a critical juncture in embracing sustainability as a defining feature of the investment landscape. 

Social and environmental change is happening faster than ever. Climate change, shifting demographics and technological revolution are reshaping our planet and urgent industry action is needed to comprehend the impact of these forces. 

Policy makers are also increasingly looking to the private sector to play its role in delivering a more sustainable world and there is evidence of greater consumer engagement and demand for sustainable investment products than ever before.   

Following significant work by the Investment Association’s Sustainability & Responsible Investment Committee, the IA is now reaching out to members more widely to shape our future policy efforts and to seek industry’ views on key components of the debate, including:
  • Industry-agreed definitions;
  • Proposed retail product label; and 
  • A clearer view on asset managers’ use of disclosure frameworks on sustainability. 
This document consists of three sections:  
  • Introduction – covering Sustainability and Responsible Investment at the IA, Policy Backdrop & the Key Themes that have informed our work;
  • Part 1 – Consultation on A) Proposed Standard Definitions and B) Proposed UK Label;
  • Part 2 – Survey on Current Disclosure Practices 

We invite member views by 1 March 2019. 

Firms can respond in the following ways: 
  • Complete this online response form 
  • Alternatively, email: