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2018 CME Evaluation: Opioid Prescribers Update


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October 25, 2018- Evaluation - Opioid Prescribers Update
Presented by; M. Ali, MD, Anesthesia
4. As a result of attending this CME activity, which of these do you plan to implement and/or change in your practice?
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Differentiate between older and newer options for the management of Opioid Prescribing
Formulate and communicate treatment plans for the management of medically and socially complex patients
Apply best practice strategies to overcome co-morbidities in medically and socially complex patients
Utilize EBM Guidelines for a multitude of conditions that are encountered in primary care
Apply tips and tricks for navigating Epic.
Utilize Patient Centered Care skill to help patients become better informed and more involved in their health care decisions.
8. Was their evidence of commercial bias in this session? ​