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Student Life Survey 2018/19


Welcome to the Sheffield Students' Union Student Life Survey 2018/19. This is your chance to tell us about your student life and what you think about your students’ union.

We’ve enjoyed ten years as the No1 students' union in the UK (Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey).  Our job is to represent you – our members – and help you have the best experience at university. The only way we can stay at the top is if you give us your honest feedback, so we know what to do more of – and less of.

Your survey answers will help us to improve the services we offer and decide our direction for next year and future students. Completing the survey could also win you a cash prize: enter our prize draw to win £250, £100, or £50 cash.

Your answers will remain strictly anonymous. We won’t contact you unless you agree to take part in the prize draw at the end of the survey, and you win a prize.

Our survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. We know you’re busy and really appreciate the time you spend on this.