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Peacock Party

Peacock Parties are a unique and fun way to spread compassion and encouragement and all funds raised go to achieving the mission of Feeding Education, a 501(c)(3) non profit. Here's some basic info for you:

1. Peacock Parties were inspired by Flamingo Flocking but with a purpose above and beyond simple fund raising. 

2. "Peacocks" are lawn ornaments that will be placed on the recipients lawn for about 2 days and will be removed by the relocation team - so no effort or work is required of you or the recipient. 

3. The lead peacock will wear a sign that includes a note addressed to them and welcoming them to the party. It will tell them about how someone thinks they are pretty amazing and wanted to let them know, but the note will not reveal who. You are always welcome to tell them but we will not ruin the surprise. 

4. The note will offer them the option to forward the peacocks along to someone they choose, or we can just come and remove them for them. 

5. Right now the recipient must be in the Greater Hartford area of CT but if you have ideas on how to teach our birds to fly farther then we are all ears! 

6. It is easiest if the recipient is in a house, but if they are in an apartment then we will contact the rental office to request permission to do something. We will keep you updated and work with you to find a solution. 

7. We recommend a $20 - $30 donation to help with travel costs but if funds are tight and you can only give less, or none, then that is completely ok as well!

That's it! Let's spread some compassion and make people feel awesome! Every donation goes right towards caring for the peacocks, growing the party, and supplies / material for the Feeding Education Mission. Ready to get started? 
Thank you for your submission! We will be in touch very shortly!